TCore For Women – A Revolution In Exercise Machines For The Fairer Sex

Gone are the days when it was just men who focused on getting their midsections into shape. These days, more women are looking to get that flat and toned tummy, and they are not afraid to work for it. Nevertheless, manufacturers have seen a gap in the market and are churning out all sorts of weird and wonderful things that “guarantee” a flat tummy. The TCore for women is one of the more serious machines around and if you were thinking of investing in a product, this would be the way to go.

About the TCore for women

The TCore has been around for a while and was originally targeted at men who wanted to get washboard abs. Then the company realized the demand there was for exercise machines for women and quickly changed their strategy to include women. This is essentially a revolutionary device that aims to help you firm, tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

How this machine works

The way this machine works is rather simple. It is geared towards working your entire set of abdominal muscles using smooth but targeted resistance. The smoothness eliminates the risk of injury while the targeted nature allows for more effective contraction of certain muscles. One of the reasons it is great for women is that it helps to get that curvaceous look without the risk of straining your back or neck during exercises like the traditional crunches.

The exercises you can do

You can do a variety of different exercises using the TCore. You can centre your body and do a crunch, or lean back and target your lower abs through leg raises. To target your obliques all you have to do is move the machine to the side. By targeting these muscles you will be able to get an effective abdominal workout and get a toned tummy in no time.

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