Two Simple Tricks to Make Your Penis Look Longer

In this article, we are going to look at two simple tricks you can use to make your penis look longer. Now, before we get started, I want to make ONE thing clear up front. The following two tricks are EXACTLY that. They are being written for men who NEED the appearance of a bigger penis in real time. If you want to GENUINELY lengthen your penis using proven, highly effective and easy ways, simply scroll down to the end of this article now and I’ll point you in the direction of what has worked best for ME and countless other men. However, if you simply want a few sleight of hand tricks I have learned from my readers, as well as my own experiences, dive right in and I’ll share them! Read on..:-)

Categorized: Size and Shears

One of the easiest ways to give yourself the appearance of distorted proportion is by simply breaking out those shaving shears..:-) Ever since a well known comedy movie popularized this approach to male enhancement a few years back, it has grown in to be VERY big. (no pun intended..:-) And contrary to most movie joke punch lines, this approach actually DOES work. All you need to do is shave down for summer! Get rid of all of the hair on the top of your thighs, pubic area and even the high abdominal hair. The resulting contrast will make EVERYTHING in this area look MUCH bigger than it actually is, especially right after it’s done. And considering that this WILL accentuate all of your gifts, AND gaffes…you may want to follow immediately with our next trick..:-)

Categorized: Blast that Belly!

Now that you’ve got the smooth skin going, you are simply looking bigger…no question about it. But your GUT, if you’ve got one is ALSO probably more noticeable as well. Simply stated, even for the absolute hairiest…and LARGEST of men, a big beer belly will take off up to two inches or MORE, on the simple appearance of penis size. You know the old joke about the guy whose gut is so big he can’t even SEE his penis? Well, the truth is that FAT, in any form, will simply betray and belie your size in a hurry. It’s unattractive, and it dominates the space. So if you’ve got it…get RID of it fast. If you are somewhat lean to begin with, and simply want to add the appearance of length, and inches..take a few days and simply cut back on the calories in a major way. A flat stomach, by ANY name ( a six pack OR a simple flat belly) will simply make your penis protrude BEYOND it’s normal limitations…even though a good meal will often take it RIGHT back..:-)

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