Belly Exercises – A Burden Or A Bonus?

Most of us don’t like belly exercises too much. Firstly, because it is a bit boring and secondly because we hear so often, that belly exercises don’t burn fat. So we start thinking what’s the point of going through the entire burden?

The muscles are there under the fat once you lose the fat you will have strengthened and prepared them to be shown off. If your belly is making you feel uncomfortable and you are here reading this article chances are you really want to make changes in your life.

You have 3 important tools to help you to lose stomach fat. They are localized exercises, aerobics and good diet habits. Incorporating these 3 changes in your life style will bring you the benefit you always wish for – a flat belly.

The best thing is variety. You just need 4 or 5 abs exercises in each workout and as we all know there are lots of different belly exercises from which to choose. It is easier to pick 5 and stick to each every time but it is important to pick 5 different belly exercises every time. The reason for that is to avoid your belly muscles from getting too comfortable with specific workouts.

Start your exercise program choosing 5 exercises and do 1 set of 10 repetitions each and then after 2 weeks you can increase it for 2 sets of 10 repetitions for each of the 5 belly exercises you’ve chosen.

A good tool to use for your belly exercises is the Swiss ball. If you don’t have much time to spare or you just don’t like to do them you have to try the Swiss ball. This tool is amazingly powerful. Just sit on one of them and feel immediately how your abs will respond. This is because the ball is highly unstable and this will force your abs to work harder to keep you “on the ball”.

To test how powerful belly exercises are with a Swiss ball, just sit on it up right and don’t do anything just sit there and read a book or watch a movie and the next day you will feel your abs achy. You didn’t even exercise and you already feel the muscles had worked out.

Studies have shown that belly exercises performed using a ball is a lot more effective than the conventional ones. You also will be working other muscle groups in your body as a bonus and having lots of fun.

This way you can make your workout be a bonus and not a burden.

Source by Carmen Beese

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