Reward Yourself For Weight Loss With A Belly Button Ring

Weight loss is hard work and involves a lot more denial than most of us enjoy. If you are determined to shed pounds, having a reward waiting for you at the end of your efforts can make it all seem worthwhile. It will be easier to get through those days when you’d just rather have a hot fudge sundae. A belly button ring is a great (and non-food) way to incentivize yourself and show off the hard work you’ve done to shed pounds.

Losing weight is so much harder than putting it on. It certainly seems that losing 20 pounds requires a lot more “no’s” to your appetite than there were “yes’s” to get there. That is why having a reward or incentive for sticking to your diet is so important. You need something to get you through the Monday’s when you are facing a whole week of steamed fish and veggies for dinner. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the calories add up when you only get to have 1500 or so per day. Whether you choose a belly button ring or a trip to Paris, a pre-defined pat on the back can keep you headed in the right direction.

Here are three quick tips that can help you reach your weight loss goal:

1. Write down everything you eat. It is so important to be in touch with what is really going into your mouth and how many calories it is. Last summer I hit a number I hadn’t seen on the scale for a very long time. I was hoping for a thyroid problem but after a few days of my food diary it was quite plain to see it was a simple case of overeating.

2. Get moving. Plan a regular exercise routine or program and then keep moving all throughout the day. Every little bit counts and will get your metabolism jump started to burn off more calories. Remember the way to flat abs (don’t forget those belly button rings ) is not to overdose on crunches. It is exercising every part of your body as well as the abs.

3. Plan your reward. This is the fun part. What will you do for yourself when the goal has been reached? Will it be a belly button ring or a tattoo? Or perhaps a new outfit (or two)? Whatever it is, keep the reward in front of you so you never lose sight of what you are working for.

Source by Julie S. Montgomery

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