RevAbs – Will the Workouts Give Me a Flat Stomach?

A flat stomach laced with a six pack of abs is probably one of the most iconic images of health. Regardless if additional problem areas can be found throughout other parts of the body, for most a smaller waste line accompanied by a flat midsection is the Holy Grail. After all for a lot of people the belly seems to be the first to grow, when not on a diet, and the last to go away when actively trying to reduce body fat.

There are a lot of great abdominal products available that are good at strengthening and developing the ab muscles, however, the real problem with many of them is that they fall short when it comes to reducing the body fat covers the abdominal region. Sure you can work out and build up your abdominal muscles all day long but if they are covered by a layer of fat then no one is going to know how great your abs really look. The key is to burn away the unwanted body fat to a point where you end up with a chiseled midsection.

Beachbody’s Rev Abs program takes an honest approach to working out the abs in that just developing and strengthening the abdominal muscles is not enough if you want to achieve a washboard stomach. There are some products on the market that give false promises claiming that you can have great looking abs by only working out a few minutes a day. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. The key to great looking abs is burning away the excess fat that covers them and the RevAbs workouts put forth a realistic roadmap to help you achieve that goal.

The key ingredient behind RevAbs success is a workout technique called abcentrics. In a nutshell abcentric training is designed to work out the abdominal muscles from a variety of different angles and also teach you how to work out the abs with each movement of every exercise that you perform. This means that your abs do not get a rest and are the main target for all of the workouts that makeup the RevAbs program. Another key ingredient behind the success of the RevAbs workout program is that it also incorporates cardio into the mix. The cardio routines are designed to help you burn calories and the more calories burned the more fat that is burned as well. As a result your abs are not the only body part that benefits from these workouts as the lower and upper body will also prosper from the additional calories burned.

Overall Beachbody’s 90-day RevAbs workout program is a great tool to help get your midsection into shape. Keep in mind that these workouts are not an exercise gimmick, instead they are intense, challenging and will push you to work off that unwanted belly fat. Anyone that is serious achieving great looking abs should give this program a closer look.

Source by Gerald Gore

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