How to Get Six Pack Abs the Lazy Way – In Just 3 Weeks

So you really want to know how to get six pack abs the lazy way? Tired of having that distended round belly of yours? Has your wife or girlfriend been whispering to others how big your belly has gotten? Of course there could be many other reasons why you would like to have a flat belly. Spring and summer may be approaching and you may want to show off your slim belly. Whatever the reason may be it is not only nicer but healthier to have a slim and flat abdomen.

Some of the health reasons are:

1. A slim and firm abdomen or belly supports the lower back like a protective belt. Preventing injuries and maintaining the health of the lower back.

2. A sim stomach can improve the circulation of your legs. A large belly can increase pressure on the veins of the legs not permitting the blood to flow well towards the heart. Increasing your risk for blood clots, varicose veins and even hemorrhoids.

3. Self Esteem. It is proven that people who have a better appearance will usually have a better concept of themselves. In other words, they will feel better about themselves.

But of course, one of the major reasons is to impress your spouse, girlfriend or that special person you may be trying to attract. Most woman do not like men that are bulky and severely muscular. What they do like are men who are slim, cut and especially have a flat stomach. Studies have clearly shown that this is a true fact.

So can you develop six pack abs in just a few weeks?

This is going to depend how many layers of fat you have covering them. Have you seen those young men who are very slim but have never exercised in their life? They have a very flat abdomen. The truth is everyone has six pack abs. It is just covered up. But underneath those layers of fat lies a perfectly well formed six pack abs.

How to achieve this Goal in as little as few weeks

The best is to combine different methods. You definitely cannot expect to eat all the junk food out there and still get a flat stomach. You can’t expect this to happen if you are drinking beer. I am sure you have heard of the “beer belly”. But beer is not the only thing that can have this effect. Here are a few things you need to change to achieve this goal:

1. Eat your last meal before 6 pm. Food eaten late at night goes directly to your belly. It causes fat to build around this area. Especially if it is a carb or sugary food.

2. Avoid snacking with sweets or sugars. It is better not to snack. But if you do snack make sure it is a protein food or a veggie such as celery.

3. Keep your digestive system functioning well with daily eliminations. You can do this by increasing your fiber and drinking lots of water.

Exercise is really important if you want to reach this goal. But you really don’t have to kill yourself spending many hours doing sit-ups, crunches and leg raises. And you certainly don’t have to buy the latest machine to achieve this result.

Source by Louis Cruz

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