Holistic Combination of Exercises – A Practical Approach to Get Six Pack Abs

The reality is, most of you trying to get six pack abs, may find it not so easy as it is made out to be online as it takes a lot of dedication and motivation. The first reason for most of you is you are most likely to have fat stomachs covering the abs muscles which even if you work your life out with targeted exercises, will render it useless as long as the muscles are uncovered from body fat. So, the stark reality of this is, burning stomach fat to get a six pack is not going to be an easy task unless you get your plan and routine right.

Achieving Six Packs without Weight Training is Farce

Let’s accept this reality. If you have been training only with free-hand workouts and doing crunches since god-knows-when, you must be wondering why flat abs is still elusive to you. I can only name this situation as myth under which you have been operating that you can exercise a specific section of your body and still burn the fat out of it. Thighs, being the largest muscle group, store the highest amount of fat, a fact, which proves that unless you develop a holistic approach to overall body workouts, getting rid of stomach fat is going to be a tough ask. This underlines the essentiality of having the right knowledge of physiology, anatomy and kinesiology (a science of exercises) of core and abs training, stability, balance and weight training.

Facts to Keep In Mind

I emphasize the importance of discussing these things with a trainer. Alternately, there are tons of authentic free materials available online which you can use to study. To build that six pack abs, you must keep yourself in the best of health and have a low proportion of fat to body weight and be within a healthy range of overall body mass index.

You don’t need to purchase expensive equipments nor would you need to hire a personal trainer to get a six pack. It suffices to have some basic weights, an exercise ball and a basic bench to lose some initial weight and reach a healthy fat-weight composition. Remember, losing weight gradually lets the body to adjust and the body tends to keep it.

Last, but not the least, building muscles, let alone abs muscles, wouldn’t be possible without doing appropriate amounts of cardiovascular exercises in combination with strength training with added weight. So, the best way to make sure that you get the six pack abs you wanted is not only to get a good workout routine but also to weight train your abs.

Source by Alevoor Rajagopal

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