Flat Abs for Tennis Players

The importance of a strong core for tennis players cannot be overstressed. Having a strong core is essential to playing your best game. With a strong core you can have unbelievable stamina and shot power. It is essential to playing your best game and it all begins with flattening that stomach!

If it were as easy as a magic wand or a pill, everyone would be walking around healthy and thin. The truth is just about everybody has the latest and greatest thing when it comes to losing the fat or building your abs. As a tennis player, you just cannot waste time on hype that does not pay off. You need that time for planning and training on the court.

The way to acquire flatter abs and improve your tennis game is to stop following the myths and trends that are being pushed by the media. If any of those so-called programs actually worked, most of the people that you see on the street would look like cover models. The plain and simple truth is, a majority of that stuff doesn’t work and was actually put together to get your money. What you really need is a plan; a REAL plan. There is information available to you that will give you the core you want. You may have to search a bit, but it is out there. You have to change the way you think about exercise, nutrition and your abs workout.

The old regimen of 30 to 45 minutes of cardio as many times a week as you can fit it in is dead. While cardio is great for your game, it should not be considered heavily when looking to tighten those abs and get your body fat down to acceptable percentages. The best way to get the solid core you need is with a responsible eating plan and resistance exercise training. Yes, you are going to have to pump a little iron but it does not have to mean a daily trip down to the gym. In fact, resistance exercises can fit seamlessly right into your current schedule and in a matter of a week or so you can begin to see results in both your body image and your game.

If you concentrate on building solid lean muscle, the fat will fall off as a natural result of this process and you will see your shot power improve as well as your energy level jump. This means an overall game strengthening experience. You will also see a noticeable difference in your win/loss record as your focus improves. Only resistance exercise training can do this for you.

So, it is a simple scenario to improve your tennis. Quit working out harder and start working out smarter using a good eating plan and resistance training. You will definitely feel and see the difference in your game. I guarantee it!

Source by Rick Woodward

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