Foods for a Very Healthy Penis

Most people eat to satisfy their taste buds or their tummy. A large majority eat to fuel their bodies for sports or everyday life. There is far less of the population, however, that eats to improve penis health. Wait, penis health? How can a man eat his way toward a healthy penis? It’s easy-incorporate these seven delicious, healthy foods for a happy and healthy penis. You won’t believe all the results!

Healthy Penis Food #1: Coffee

What perks up the brain could also perk up the penis! Studies have shown that drinking two to three cups of coffee each day may prevent erectile dysfunction. Why? Caffeine, of course! It relaxes the penile arteries and muscles, resulting in improved blood flow and stronger erections.

How to incorporate it daily: This one is pretty simple. Head to Starbucks or pull out the French press. Dislike the taste? Try a supplement. See a medical professional for a recommendation.

Healthy Penis Food #2: Apples

An apple a day, keeps prostate cancer away. Apple peels contain ursolic acid. This unique little acid has been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells by starving them.

How to incorporate it daily: Have it plain (with the skin on, of course), dip them in peanut butter, or chop and add them to just about anything that could benefit from their natural sweetness.

Healthy Penis Food #3: Spinach

Popeye knew what was up! Spinach boosts testosterone levels. It contains folate and magnesium, both of which boost blood flow and ward off erectile dysfunction.

How to incorporate it daily: Have a spinach salad (and maybe cheat with a little bacon dressing), sauté it with some olive oil, garlic, and lemon, or throw a handful or two into a smoothie.

Healthy Penis Food #4: Carrots

No wonder Bugs was always chomping on a carrot! He must have known that they improve sperm count and motility (and he was a rabbit after all, and they have a certain reputation for something an iPhone would autocorrect to “ducking”).

How to incorporate it daily: Pull out the ranch dressing, make a carrot soufflé, or pick up a carrot juice at a favorite juice bar. There are a zillion ways to enjoy them and a great reason to make sure they find themselves in the daily rotation.

Healthy Penis Food #5: Avocados

Did men need another reason to eat avocados outside of guac? Does anyone really? These fabulous fruits fire up the love furnace by creating a libido that would make Wilt Chamberlin jealous. They contain vitamin E and zinc, which increase testosterone and improve sperm quality. A man’s swimmers will be performing like Michael Phelps with the help of this creamy delight.

Fun fact: The Aztecs are rumored to have called avocado trees the “testicle trees.”

How to incorporate it daily: Avocado toast for breakfast, add it to a salad at lunch, and start happy hour with guac. Another great way is to just halve it, add a sprinkle of kosher salt, maybe a squeeze of lemon, and eat with spoon. Repeat.

Healthy Penis Food #6: Oats

Quite possibly the unsexist food on the list can actually give a man a big old orgasm. Wild oats have been shown to be an aphrodisiac. The amino acid, L-arginine, is also found in oats and helps blood vessels relax, letting blood engorge the penis. That’s why they are also linked with a decreased risk of erectile dysfunction.

How to incorporate it daily: Have it hot for breakfast or add it to a smoothie or protein shake anytime to get an O face on the daily.

Healthy Penis Food #7: Chili Peppers

No, not the kind that wear socks on cocks (anyway, how good would Flea taste?). This one may not be surprising, but spicy foods tend to ramp up a man’s testosterone levels. They release endorphins, which in turn fire up the libido.

How to incorporate it daily: Add some hot sauce to scrambled eggs, slip them into tacos, or roast and make a homemade salsa. For a purist, eat them raw, seeds and all. Just wash the hands well and keep them away from eyes.

Want another daily way to keep the penis healthy and ready for action? Incorporate a penile hygiene regimen that makes the outside as fit as the inside. Give the penis some air daily to prevent compression and desensitization. Avoid tight pants. Cleanse and rinse the penis thoroughly (and additionally when participating in intimate relations and sports). Wrap it all up by using a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to protect and nourish the member. Choose a crème with critical penis health-centric vitamins like A, B, C, and D, to protect against bacteria and promote healthy cell turnover. Also, some crèmes include L-arginine and other amino acids to provide maximum benefit and penis health.

Source by John Dugan

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