Facts About Banana Potassium

For a healthy, happy life and a great source of energy, banana potassium is very important. Bananas are great tropical fruit that has a great source of minerals, vitamin, and protein. It has the capacity of preventing and healing various infections and diseases. It can act as a great diet food due to the calorie content. It can also satisfy people who love sweet products due to the glucose contents.

It is very essential to have a banana as a daily fruit in your diet. Among many fruits, banana is also important as it has a lot of potassium. Potassium is an element which is essential for keeping the blood pressure normal. It also helps in proper functioning of the heart.

Research has found an average banana has an amount of potassium varying from 450 milligrams to 467 milligrams. It has only one milligram of sodium. Apart from bananas, potassium is also present in milk, meats, vegetables and fruits. If you have one banana per day, then you are preventing yourself from atherosclerosis and also from high blood pressure.

A research done on more than 40,000 American men for more than four years showed how a proper diet affects blood pressure. It was found that people who had diet of foods that were high in cereal fiber, magnesium, and rich in potassium had a much less chance of stroke.

The ‘Archives of Internal Medicine’ has points to prove that people who eat foods high in potassium and fiber like bananas, have a much less risk in developing any heart disease. The potassium-enriched fruit of banana also have the capacity of providing cardiovascular benefits.

Potassium can also increase the health of bones. Banana potassium has the capacity of counteracting the increasing loss of urinary calcium. Such loss is caused by the diets high in salt. This can lead to thinning of the bones at a very fast rate.

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