Protect Yourself From Hemorrhoids – Learn How You Can Prevent Hemorrhoids From Happening To You!

Hemorrhoids – Just What Are They?

Hemorrhoids are, simply put, little growths in your body that emerge due to a variety of factors, these growths can appear as small stretched lumps of flesh on the inside of your rectum (these are not visible,and may only cause pain in serious cases) or small bumps on the surface of your anus or near the anus itself (these are an eyesore, being both visible and painful when rubbed).

Their Origins; How Tough Sh*t May Cause You Lots Of Pain

There are many causes of hemorrhoids appearing in older individuals aged 50 and above; 50% of Americans have been shown to be affected by hemorrhoids when they are 50 years old and above, this is due to the higher probability that you have a weaker anus and rectum which may be more vulnerable to other hemorrhoid causing factors such as stress, diet, lack of physical activity and even pregnancy!

Stress; How High Blood Pressure Is A Pain In The Ass, Literally!

Stress has been known to cause high blood pressure in many individuals, this causes the blood vessels near areas where potential hemorrhoids may appear to expand, and even potentially pop open.

When these broken blood vessels recover, they do not do so in a regular fashion. Instead, these vessels grow even larger, outgrowing their position near the rectum wall or anal surface to form the bumps that we know as hemorrhoids. To effectively prevent this, avoid stress and stressful situations to prevent high blood pressure and hemorrhoids.

Diets; Eat Softer Foods For An Easier Time On The Throne

Hard stools are one of the factors contributing to the formation of hemorrhoids in many individuals. This is due in part to both the increased strain placed on the anus by the stools that may bruise or scratch the inside of the rectum and anus as the stools pass out of the rectum when you defecate. To prevent this, just eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to get more fiber in your digestive system and make your stools softer.

Physical Activity: Work Yourself Out At The Gym, Not The Toilet!

Physical Activity is able to both reduce the pressure placed on your rectal walls and improve the overall strength of your digestive system by strengthening your rectum and anus. This would help you minimize the effect of your stools and reduce the probability of any overgrown blood vessels developing into full hemorrhoids.

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