Special Diets While Pregnant

Some people choose to eliminate certain foods from their diets. Others are required to avoid foods that have the potential of making them seriously ill. A women who has a restricted diet may have a tough time getting the proper nutrients she needs to keep both herself and her child healthy when she is pregnant. The following are types of special diets that women may keep during pregnancy.

Vegetarianism – Thousands of women choose to stay vegetarian during pregnancy. Avoiding meat is completely safe for both child and mother. However, careful planning will be necessary to avoid illness. Iron, zinc, protein, and B12 vitamins are offered in high concentrations in meat products. Therefore, getting these nutrients through vegetables, fruits, and grains will be important for pregnant vegetarians.

Vegan – Women who choose to be vegan during pregnancy will have to be very careful that both her and the baby are getting enough vitamins and minerals. Getting enough protein and calcium are particularly important while on a vegan diet. Eggs and milk products typically provide these nutrients, but vegans can replace these foods with soy products and fruit to make sure they are getting the appropriate amount of protein and vitamin C.

Gluten Free – Celiac disease causes people to be unable to process gluten in their digestive system. If they do consume gluten, they are risking serious health problems such as permanently damaged intestines. When a woman with Celiac disease becomes pregnant, it is especially important for her to keep strictly to her diet. Consuming foods with wheat and other forms of gluten will weaken an immune system and cause problems in the digestive system that may prevent the child from getting the proper nutrients.

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