Yes, There are Diets that Work

People have been let down all too much by the prospect of diets that work. They order the books, start the diet programs in the infomercials, and it just doesn’t work. But the truth is, yes, there diets that work. But it’s not just the food, and that’s what people need to drill into their heads. This doesn’t mean you need to spend three hours in gym, seven nights a week, but people are just way too sedentary these days. For any diets that work to actually take effect, you need to increase your overall physical activity. Lots of simple changes can add up. Take the stairs; park a little further from the mall or office building so you can walk a little more. All of that activity adds up, and following diets that work or not, you’ll see the benefit.

The other problem is that people think they can skip a day or ignore a rule in their diet for a day or two, thinking their body won’t notice that brownie or doughnut. That’s no way to follow diets that work. In fact, once your metabolism starts to adjust and you see the weight loss benefits from a good diet, taking in junk food can be even more harmful.

Okay, so what are the diets that work? Typically, the more naturally, and organic skewed ones are the diets that people seem to find the most success with. This doesn’t mean you have to empty your bank account at the organic foods store in your neighborhood. Most of the time it’s just picking the right foods, and you can find them at any normal grocery store. Focus on vegetables, even fatty vegetables like avocados will leave you feeling full without the health risks of fried foods.

So what can you look for when following a diet like this? People look only for the fast-acting, high-performance diets, thinking nothing about what will happen down the road. Sure, you can lose pounds on these artificial or scam-type diets, but you’ll gain the pounds back as soon as your old routines take hold. These aren’t diets that work. The natural, organic route is a little slower to start, but it will leave you feeling healthier and you’ll want to keep it up – the only measure of whether or not a diet works.

Organic foods in your grocery store are marked clearly enough; look for the ones that don’t contain pesticides, preservatives, or artificial flavoring. For meats, look for the ones that are non-antibiotic or hormone treated. Yes, the human appetite is a factor, and sometimes people think they can just overeat and it’s okay because it’s organic. This isn’t the case. Whether or not you’ve found diets that work, you need to have your level of food intake at a reasonably controlled level.

Diets that work, and are safe, are worth sticking with. Forget low-carb, no-carb, lemonade cleansing or any of that garbage. Seeing results by dieting is about attention to health, commitment, and consistency. Books, TV fitness gurus, and magazine articles that tell you otherwise are either just plain lying, or they’re trying to pitch you something you don’t need. A little common sense and dedication will go a long way when using diets that work.

Source by Rob Jacobs

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