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Did you know that one of the oldest natural spices has numerous health benefits?

For nearly 4,000 years, turmeric, a flowering plant in the ginger family commonly found in Central America and India, has been used for a variety of purposes in traditional Indian culture.

This multifunctioning plant has a unique and ever-evolving history. Here, we’ll explore some of the ways turmeric is used in India, and learn how the Western World, including KaraMD®, is beginning to use turmeric, as well.

In India, where the plant is most often found, turmeric is revered as pure and holy. Perhaps one of turmeric’s most important uses in Indian culture is its application in wedding ceremonies and religious offerings. The spice is believed to ward off evil, and thus, turmeric is given to a bride and groom before a traditional wedding ceremony. Water combined with turmeric is also given to gods in Hindu rituals. Even newborn babies are gifted turmeric as a sign of good luck. 

And not to be forgotten is, of course, turmeric’s use in Indian foods as a favorite spice. Today, it is not uncommon to even see the turmeric spice in American kitchens and spice racks!

However, turmeric is not just used for rituals and cooking. Historically, this plant, also called Indian Saffron, was used in Ayuvedic medicine for many ailments, such as pain and inflammation. 

Today, through preliminary studies, modern culture is beginning to find what ancient Indian cultures have believed for centuries: that turmeric’s natural properties can be used for medicinal purposes.

Preliminary studies are even researching turmeric’s potential to combat Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, and heart disease.

In the KaraMD® product, Turmeric CCM, turmeric's compounds, particularly curcumin, are used as a dietary supplement.

Turmeric’s roots, called rhizomes, are converted into capsules to help with digestion, fight inflammation, and provide the body with crucial antioxidants. These compounds make up only a small portion of naturally-grown turmeric, and so eating it as a spice or in raw form is an ineffective way to harness turmeric’s natural properties.

Our Turmeric CCM supplement is 4x more concentrated than turmeric alone, meaning taking one pill is an effective way to benefit from any of turmeric’s confirmed, and theorized health benefits.

If you’re interested in experiencing turmeric’s natural and medicinal properties, check out Turmeric CCM today! 

Your health in your hands,

Dr. M. Kara M.D. 

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