It’s Men’s Health Month! What can you do to reach your goals?

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June is National Men’s Health Month!
After working with thousands of male patients throughout my career, I wanted to share some of my helpful tips for staying on track with your health & wellness goals.
Nutrition is Key
We all have to eat to thrive. But it’s what we eat that really matters for our overall health.
Although many people equate dieting to female health, the foods we eat can have a significant impact on different areas of men’s health too.
For example, did you know that certain foods like avocado, nuts, or fatty fish can help regulate cholesterol levels and improve circulation in the body? This is especially important for males, as we tend to struggle with high blood pressure and other heart-related diseases more than women.
There’s also foods that can help with our reproductive health. Shellfish and other foods that are high in zinc can help with sperm production and sex drive because of zinc’s impact on testosterone levels.
Men can also benefit from a diet filled with protein and antioxidants. By including foods like fruits, lean red meat, and leafy vegetables in your daily routine, you can help build muscle and reduce excess stress on your body. 
Stay Active
Frequent exercise or other forms of physical activity are important for building muscle and weight management. But the benefits of staying active don’t stop there.
Heart disease is extremely common in men. Some risk factors for heart disease include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking. 
While high cholesterol can be addressed through diet and smoking through lifestyle changes, high blood pressure can be addressed through physical activity. 
Staying active, whether that includes daily walks, trips to the gym, or finding other forms of aerobic exercise, can make the heart stronger and improve the overall circulation in your body which helps lower your risk for disease. 

Reduce Stress 
It’s almost impossible in today’s world to avoid feeling stressed. But the effects of chronic stress can be detrimental to your health.
Stress triggers the “fight or flight” response in our body and raises certain hormone levels. If this isn’t regulated, overtime we will start to experience the negative effects of stress such as exhaustion, physical pain, trouble concentratating, poor sleep, and more.
But the negative effects go beyond just muscle tension and fatigue as stress can put men at a higher risk for blood pressure issues, diabetes, and heart disease.
The best way to combat stress is to be mindful of your habits. Prioritizing sleep, a healthy diet, and frequent exercise can help reduce stress levels. You can also try different forms of meditation to alleviate stress. 
Try Supplements
Supplements are a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. For men, certain supplements are essential.
For example, magnesium helps with testosterone levels and muscle health while omega-3s can support cardiovascular health.
I’ve also created some unique products that can help with men’s health.
Revive Reds is loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants which are important for reducing stress on the body and helping increase energy levels naturally. The ingredients in Revive Reds can also help with digestion and weight management.
UltraBeets is another important supplement for men because it can help promote better blood flow and circulation in the body. Beets are loaded with healthy nitrates which spurs the body to produce nitric oxide. This can help with enhanced athletic performance, increased energy, and cardiovascular support.
Boost NXT is similar to Beets because it supports circulation in the body. The nitric oxide also helps widen the blood vessels, which in turn helps improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles during exercise. Boost NXT is a great supplement to assist with athletic performance and cardiovascular health.
You can try all three of these supplements today with my exclusive KaraMD Energy Bundle. 

And to celebrate Men’s Health Month, I’m offering this bundle for only $69.95. A total savings of $29.05!
Dr. M. Kara M.D. 
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