She lost 40 lbs in 12 weeks changing only this

On Sat, Oct 19, 2019, 5:20 AM John Shein – Flat Abs For Life <> wrote:

Some say this rare nutrient is a "miracle" for rapid fat loss.

Some doctors have even said…

They wish someone would turn it into a prescirption drug.

Wow!… That’s a strong statement, right?!

(Of course… they’d never admit it in public.)

This nutrient has a huge impact…

… on the part of your brain that controls weight.

In fact… I tested it on one of my patients, Tanya.

You see… she’s always struggled to keep body fat off…

… even when she followed all the typical diet rules.

What happened when she tried this nutrient?

She lost 40 LBS in 12 weeks!

But will this nutrient work for you too?

Well, I know it will…

But there’s only one way for YOU to find out.

Discover this rare nutrient here!

Your friend,
John Shein
Co-creator of the Belly Fat Furnace
& Belly Melt For Women Program

P.S. This is it!


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What’s better than burning off stubborn fat…

… Maybe indulging in a couple delicious cupcakes…

… And not worrying about packing on unwanted body fat… again!

(I can’t think of anything better…)

Let’s do it!

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New York NY 10989

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