When coffee is bad for you

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A quick story about my friend Chris Peterson:

Chris used to be a hardcore coffee drinker.

I’m talking a dues-paying, card-carrying member for the “Coffee 4 Life” club.

Swore by the stuff.

Needed 3-4 cups just to make it through the day.

And, if he ever missed one?

Well, then he turned into the kind of cranky and irritable guy you didn’t wanna bump into in the hallway (if you could avoid it.)


Eventually, his coffee addiction started causing him a few problems:

He started getting really anxious and jittery…

Heartburn came out of nowhere…

And, worst of all — he got a wicked case of insomnia.

Couldn’t fall asleep, no matter how tired he was… or how hard he tried to will himself into unconsciousness…

Which only made him even more tired come sunrise.

Now, Chris didn’t want to give up drinking coffee altogether…

But he *had* to find a way to cut down.

So, he decided to start with the afternoons. After all, he figured it was probably the afternoon coffees that were turning him into a sleepwalking zombie…

And, once he cut those post-lunch coffees out, his insomnia started to go away.

Problem was… so did his productivity!

Getting work done in the afternoons started to feel like running the Boston Marathon… and his energy levels went off a cliff pretty much the minute he came back from lunch.

That’s why he decided to create his own caffeine-free energy booster.

It’s called American Natural Super Reds.

And it’s got 3 ingredients that’ll turbocharge your energy levels:

1) Beet Root
2) Polyphenols
3) L-Citrulline

I’ve tried it and, safe to say, this stuff is magic when it comes to “getting sh*t done”.

One serving is enough to give you lasting energy and laser focus…

Without giving you the jitters or forcing you to wander the halls at night.

Plus it tastes AMAZING.

(he said his wife even likes to use it as a vodka mix!)

To celebrate, he’s giving away all the free samples he’s got left in stock.

Want one?

Just hit the link below and tell him where to send it:

>>> Your FREE Sample of American Natural Super Reds (click here)

Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute
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