your POOP: floater vs. sinker + what it means

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Please find below a special message from our friends at  The Nutrition Watchdog. They have some important information to share with you. 

Wishing you vibrant health and lasting youth,

Erica Greene, Managing Editor Journal of Natural Longevity

We talk a lot about digestion in this newsletter, and digestion problems are one of the single most frequent problems reported by our readers. I know that talking about poop may seem a little taboo to some people, but the reality is that knowing if your poop is normal is one of the most important aspects to knowing if you have a digestion problem. Today's topic is a different look at poop quality rather than just the normal diarrhea vs constipation topic…

Your poop: Floater vs sinker, and why does it matter for your health?

Warning: Don't Use Probiotics Before You See This:

Santa Barbara, CA: Dr. Steven Gundry, a world-famous heart surgeon and best-selling author, and Director of the prestigious Center for Restorative Medicine has stumbled upon an interesting discovery that just may finally solve your weight troubles, digestive issues, cravings, and even your fatigue.

You see, Dr. Gundry himself used to be 70 pounds overweight, even though he “did everything right” – including running half marathons on the weekends, living a vegetarian lifestyle, and being as active as he could…

… but no matter what he did, he just couldn’t lose his excess weight and he continued to struggle with digestive problems, cravings, and bloating.

What he discovered was that the removal of a few “health” foods, as well as the addition of one “super food” radically transformed his life.

You see, there are billions upon billions of bacteria living in your digestive system – both good and bad – and when you eat the wrong foods, including a few very specific “health” foods, it causes the bad bacteria to flourish, while the good bacteria struggles and dies…

… This “bacterial imbalance” in your gut can then lead to weight gain, brain fog, joint pain, digestive issues, and stubborn belly fat that just will NOT go away.

Even worse it causes your cravings to skyrocket, as well as causes uncomfortable bloating.

Many people in this situation turn to adding probiotics to their daily regimen, but Dr. Gundry insists you do NOT do that until you remove this 1 food…

If you’re like Dr. Gundry, and have tried everything under the sun to lose your stubborn fat and fix your digestive problems, cravings, and bloating, then you need to see this amazing presentation he’s put together where you’ll discover the “health” foods you need to remove from your diet NOW, as well as the #1 “superfood” that can help solve all your weight, fatigue, and digestive problems.

> Watch the presentation now

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