70old triathlete reveals 5-second trick for preventing injuries

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Please find below a special message from our friend Advanced Bionutritionals. They have some important information to share with you. 

Wishing you vibrant health and lasting youth,

Erica Greene, Managing Editor Journal of Natural Longevity

Most older people can't imagine taking part in a 26-mile marathon or a 112-mile bike
race. And even if they like to swim, they can't imagine pushing themselves to swim for
2 miles.

That's why my older patients are so fascinated when I tell them about my friend Dr.
David Minkoff. David is 70 years old, and he competes in several Ironman triathlons per
year! These races combine a 26-mile marathon, a 2-mile swim and a 112-mile bike race
into one, non-stop competition!

And while most of my patients don't want to compete in an Ironman anytime soon, they do
want to know David's secret. They want to know how he stays so strong and healthy and
packed with lean muscle. And they want to know how he keeps himself injury-free.

Well, you can imagine their surprise when I tell them that David's secret has nothing to
do with stretching, warming up, lifting weights, or drinking protein shakes. Instead,
it comes down to a 5-second "trick" that David does every morning.

here to find out Dr. David Minkoff's secret for boosting lean muscle mass.

Yours for better health,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

P.S. I started using David's secret, too. And I'm amazed at the results!
Find out about it here.

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