Mythbusting – Are fruits feeding your toenail fungus?

On Thu, Jan 24, 2019, 5:20 AM John Shein – Flat Abs For Life < wrote:

Your physician can scream "fruits are healthy" until he's blue in the face…

But he can't turn a blind eye to the medical research…

Each and every person who eats these fruits has zero chance of curing their toenail fungus.

And they end up needing more anti-fungal medication that has dangerous side-effects like liver failure.

Worst of all…

Most people eat at least one of these fruits 3x per week!

But some sufferers say that once they STOPPED eating these fruits, they noticed their toenail fungus DISAPPEARED!

Here's the list of fruits that are secretly feeding your fungus:

Click here to find out and make your fungus DISAPPEAR FOR GOOD.

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