Lose Weight And Stay Healthy With These 17 Rules

What rules to follow to eat well, stay in shape and maybe slim down a little? Read on and find out what will help you get and maintain a good physical form:
1)NEVER SKIP MEALS: first of all you should have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday! By doing so the sense of satiety remains constantly controlled and you will not overeat.

2)HAVE BREAKFAST: in the morning push yourself to eat something, our bodies are programmed not to be left without fuel. When we starve muscles work badly; this way the muscle will shrink and fat will take his place.

3)HAVE A SNACK: if you are a little hungry eat something; fruit, vegetables, yogurt will do, and you will not eat too much in the main meals.

4)LEARN TO READ THE LABELS: compare the packages and choose the ones with less conservatives, fat, sugar and salt.

5)DO NOT ELIMINATE CARBOHYDRATES: you don’t have to give up bread and pasta;just pay attention to the amount and choose the brown version.

6)EAT FISH: eat fish 2 to 3 times a week; fish contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3, which help to keep clean the arteries from bad cholesterol.

7)EAT LEGUMES: Please include in your diet legumes, one or two servings per week. Peas, lentils, broad beans, soy beans, chickpeas fill you up and they are low in fat. Also provide a good fibre injection, useful for slow fats absorption and sugars.

8)EAT CHEESE: Eat cheese once or twice a week. Best lean cheese (mozzarella, ricotta), into 100 gr portions.

9)EGGS ARE GOOD FOR YOU: eat eggs twice a week. An egg of 60 grams, rich in nutrients, makes a little more than 5 grams of fat, and mostly unsaturated.

10)SIX TEASPOONS OF OIL: Olive oil must be preferred to butter. How much? Six teaspoons per day and better if consumed row.

11)DON’T USE TOO MUCH SALT: The salt content naturally in foods is already sufficient. To flavour dishes try to use spices.

12)COOK HEALTHY: grill, steam or bake! High temperatures allow to cook foods quickly while retaining nutritional principles and eliminating excess fat.

13)VEGGIES AND FRUIT SHOULD NEVER MISS: Three servings a day of fruits, spread as you wish, even after meals, and two servings of vegetables constitute the amount recommended by the World Health Organization.

14)SWEETS: Whoever is on a diet must restrict them: no chocolate or desserts daily. However, occasionally, it is good to indulge yourself with a slice of cake!

15)BE CAREFUL WITH ALCOHOL: Caution with alcoholic beverages, half a glass of wine at meal for a woman and one for a man are the quantities not to be exceeded. And if are on a diet try to do without it!

16)EXERCISE!!! For weight loss, diet alone is not enough: you need to do any kind of exercise. Okay, even a walk everyday; maybe with your dog!

17)WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE: drink water!!! The importance of drinking water for good health can be emphasized enough. Try to drink at least 2 litres a day. It’s the easiest and most effective health tip of all!

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